Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8

36 days boarded
22 days training

Once again I used the training curb on Miami today. She seems to like it.. her mouth is very sensitive, so it doesn't take much contact at all for her to get the hint about something. That's really helping in terms of riding on a loose rein. I can keep them lose, and barely touch them to give her a correction.

Again I did a lot of work one handed, lots of steering and stopping and yielding. She's really got the hang of it.

Trot work was good.. she can go farther without contact now.

And we did a lot of canter work today. She was extremely rushy. Going to the left wasn't too bad, and she really settled into it, and relaxed. Going to the right, though, she was a mess. She felt like she was thinking about blowing up on me, she bolted, refused to turn or slow down.. I just pushed her through it. When she got tired she started to listen. She got a small break and had to do it all over again. The second time was much better.

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