Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18

46 days boarded
30 days training

I know, I did a horrible job of keeping the blog updated these last few days. Everything has been so busy here, so I've just forgotten to get on here and post at the end of the day.. and its impossible for me to remember exactly what was done on each day, now.

For the most part though, I've been really working on refining her neck reining so that she'll go home good and solid with that. Her jog has finally slowed down for the most part, without much prompting. She's figured out what she's supposed to do and is a lot more consistent. Her canter, however, has been rough. She does not like to pick up her left lead, at all. It's been a bit of a struggle each day. She needs a lot of guidance.. her hind end really has to be pushed inside before she is cued, or she'll pick up the wrong lead. And she is -fast- this direction! Speedy speedy! Her right lead is much, much better. And she remains relaxed throughout. Her only issue this direction is not wanting to turn easily.. she wants to use the whole arena, even when asked to circle. But she is getting better!

Our ride today was good and bad. Her trot work was amazing. Her reining was flawless. But her canter work was a bit of a mess. By the end of the ride she had things figured out. But it was pretty tiring for both of us. And today officially marks 30 days! I'm very, very happy with how she did.

Yesterday Diana came to see her again, and got up for a ride as well! They did a lot better today, clicking much better than their first ride. It was good! Miami is putting the pieces together and realizing that its no different than what I'm asking her to do. I got two videos of them working together, and have permission from Diana to post them!

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