Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13

41 days boarded
26 days training

November 9 - Day Off
November 10 - Trained (Hard ride, canter focus)
November 11 - Miami sore, Diana visited
November 12 - Trained, Miami better

November 13 -
Miami was feeling completely better yesterday, and still fine today. She got used to sprinklers, today, since I had to water the arena before riding, it was getting pretty dusty. She shied away from it when it came her direction (when loose) but when I held her she stood and let it spray her.

The majority of the ride went well, walk and trot work today. Yesterday we did a lot of canter work again, so she got the day off from that.

She started to be a real brat near the end of the ride when I was asking her to do leg yields.. go figure, my cinch had broken and I had no idea. It was banging around and confusing her. What a good girl for not bolting!

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