Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8

5 days boarded
4 days training

Miami was great again today. The lesson was half ground work, half riding. She wasn't sore at all, so I pushed her a bit further.

The ground work was again mostly focusing on getting her to relax and walk, and listen to my voice cues. Riding was both walk and trot today. She was tense when I asked her to trot, and I thought I was going to have a blow up, but she relaxed after a few strides.

She really needs to give, since she resists the entire time, but she isn't bad about it. She just doesn't know any better. So I'm working on getting a good bend on her at both the walk and trot, and keeping her head lowered.

I have a short video... you can see that my inside hand is held upwards, my outside hand down... Inside hand is to get her nose tipped inside, while the outside hand keeps her head low.

It was a good ride, and she seemed to feel fine. No heat, no pain.

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