Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5

2 days boarded
2 days training

Today went a lot smoother than yesterday. Miami didn't blow up at all. She took everything in stride, like she'd been doing it for years.

I would like for her to relax a little bit more on the lunge line. She thinks she needs to trot as soon as she gets on it, and seems very anxious if I ask her to walk. So we're working on relaxing and taking things slowly. She was getting it by the end of her lesson today.

Ground driving also went a lot better today. We did trot work as well, and she did great. No thoughts of bucking, and she steered like she's done it all of her life. She has a good solid woah on her, too, and backs up easily.

Depending on her mood, I'll likely attempt riding tomorrow, but I can never promise this.. we'll see what the day brings.

This is the video from today, unedited.. so its a big long, and some parts are off camera.

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