Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4

1 day boarded
1 day training

Today was Miami's first day of training. She didn't want to be caught, but it only took a moment to get her to stand still and let me come close. She'll be getting some round pen lessons, but I want to let the grass dry a bit first so there's no risk of slipping.

She was also upset about being tied by herself, and did a lot of pacing and pawing, but after giving her some space and letting her work it out, she calmed down.

Saddling went well. She didn't move a foot the entire time, just stood like a princess and took it all in. Breast collar and all. But she was bowed up, and I expected a blow up.

She walked away from the fence quietly, but as soon as I asked her to trot, her head went between her knees and she blew. I pushed her through it, and while it took a bit, she stopped and moved forward. Strides were a little shortened, but that was expected as well.

Next step was ground driving. She blew up again when she felt the ropes against her hindquarters, and I had to tie her and swing them against her legs for a bit until she relaxed. Next try went better. But she did have some random bucking fits throughout the session. We ended on a good note, of course.

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