Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29

26 days boarded
16 days training

Today was an interesting day. Because of the rain, a few of the horses were in the arena to keep dry, to help with the rain rot. I decided to leave them in there for my ride.

No lunging again, just hop on and go. Miami is doing much better about that, now.

She was worried about riding around the horses since these are her current pasture mates, and apparently higher order than she is, but she listened to me despite being nervous, and rode past them, in and out, around. When one of the others tried to chase her off she listened when I told her not to move, despite her desire to run away.

Mariah, my Mustang, came over to the fence to watch, so I let her into the arena to play, too. She has not met Miami yet so they were both curious about one another, but did well anyways.

During our canter work Mariah wanted to chase us, and started bucking and playing. Miami didn't bat an eyelash. Definite improvement!

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