Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22

19 days boarded
11 days training

Today was much better. It was exactly the opposite of yesterday, really. Her lunging was a mess. She was rushy and snorty.. so we did a lot of trot/canter transitions. She's really figuring out the canter, finally. Her strides are slowing and lengthening and she no longer looks like she'll fall over. She keeps her head low, too.

The ride was great. She was calm and relaxed the entire time. She's figuring out the jog now, but she still can't hold it without support. That will take some time, but that's okay.

We did canter work under saddle today, too. She's really learning fast. Much faster than I expected her too. She can canter on a nice circle now and keeps her head lowered and soft the entire time. Voice commands are great, too. Kiss to get her into the canter.. just one and she goes. And she understands easy and woah, even when she's cantering. She's also starting to relax enough that after the canter she can come back down to a nice slow jog without anticipating another canter cue.

Overall a very good ride, today.

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  1. She looks great. The canter looks so much better than it did last week. You are doing a great job with her Elise.


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