Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21

18 days boarded
10 days training

My ride on Miami was a little bit shorter than I would have liked it to be, today, because Miami had a real attitude and it was just hard to get anything across to her.

Her lunging session was short, because she seemed to be in a really good mood. But as soon as I got on her she started throwing a fit. She threw her head back so hard at one point that she just barely missed my face. I could find absolutely no reason for it.. she is not in pain, no heat, no sensitivity. I think it was just a bad day.

So the ride was all walk/trot, and I only worked her long enough to get her to calm down and relax and then she got to quit, before we got into another fight. No reason to keep working with a horse that only wants to fight with you.

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