Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17

14 days boarded
8 days training

"Mommy" came to watch Miami work today and I think she was pleased with what she saw.

Miami had a good day. We started with the lunge work again, no side reins today. Walk trot canter both directions until she was relaxed and smooth at all gaits.

The ride went smoothly. She's fighting me a little bit with leg yielding, running into my leg instead of moving away from it, but its common and she'll work out of it with time as long as she's not allowed to get away from it.

She was a bit speedier at the trot than she has been previous days but she'll figure it out and slow down soon enough. Her canter was probably speedier than it ever has been.. she was flying, but I kept her in the canter until she relaxed and slowed her strides a little.. another improvement.

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