Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15

12 days boarded
6 days training

Today was a good day. Miami got a nice long warm up session on the lunge line to loosen her up, before I applied the side reins. Since she has so much trouble at the canter I figured the side reins would really help to get her balanced up and comfortable in the gait. They worked wonders on her, and though I only used them for about ten minutes there was a definite improvement. She had a nice relaxed trot with her head low, and a slight bend - I'll use the side reins every once in a while to help build up her muscle. Cantering with them on was like a completely different horse.. with a bit of support, her gait was nice and smooth and stretched out.

After the ground work I got on and rode. She fought the bit a little bit more than normal, but I had expected it. Because of on the bit work on the lunge, she was starting to get tired of it by the time I got on, but after a small bit she worked through it and realized she wasn't done yet.

Mostly trot work again.. that will be the primary focus for a while. She did great, and her canter is seeming to improve, bit by bit.

Overall it was definitely a good ride.

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